The Raider Races are from Pleidians Alcyone and are called Sunjarian Luciferian. Luciferian conquest Grail line humans were being executed and hooked up to technology to take their cellular knowledge out of their bodies. The grail line humans are the real humans. Humans were 6-9 feet tall. They were bipedial dolphins with feet and hands they could go on land or water and they were density two race semi etheric. That is what they did with Crystalline technology. They will link our time line into the Inner Earth time line and give us 2000 years of evolution where we can catch up with the selves we are supposed to be. This took the star gate system here and the star gate of phantom annunaki and plugged it into another stargate. Giving of the fifth angelic strand into the Leviathin race was done creating the annu mekelzidek race. There was another Version of the 12 Strand human race during the Atlantian and Lemurians.

From those there was a smaller break down of the strand contract. If it swings any more negative it would take down the entire time matrix stucture. Now we are re balancing the time matrix by bringin in the Divine Blue Print. The great flood was done by the Luciferian Covenant. 9,550 Flood the deluge done by the Luciferian covenant and was orchestrated by space ships. Guardian Races have bigger space ships. In 246,00 B.C. the guardian races made a promise that when the end times came they would tell the truth even if there was właściwie one who wanted to hear it. The Ionian people - Greek and Roman- the Tribe 5 10,500 B.C. The cycle of evolution has gone to its extreme of negative technology and now it must wing back the other way. It became polarized. Those doing anti-Christos and those doing Christos being directed by Annunaki Races and the other the Draconian Races.

There have been those who have forced themselves onto this planet in order to try and take the codes. Any race that wasn’t organic to this planet doesn’t have those codes. The real humans that match the planetary grids have templates. Not the hybrid humans. They didnt look like humans. After they picked up more and more angelic human strands they began to look more like human beings . The Leviathin race tried to build a master take over race that have more and more of the codings that went with the planetary star gates so they could, when they had enough coding in their body to run the templar the way they want to. When the battle in the skies begins its time to head for the hills. If there are ET battles before December 2012 and the masses know there really are ETs that is the time to head for the hills because things will get really bad in the cities. They don’t realize they are getting astral field implantation that will activate more of their reverse matrix coding just by going to metatronic workshops. They were made to believe they should be running this time matrix.

Once the Wesadrak agreement was made and they broke through to this matrix. Their purpose was to destroy the lineage of the human angelics in order to take over the Matrix. Annunaki were created and programmed fro the purpose of the take over and they were programmed to believe they were elite. The Pledian Sirian agreememtns of 1992 were supposed to bring the Annunakis and Leviathins together with the Guardian races to make a stand to prevent the Draconian Races from taking over the planetary templar and from that point the period the humand indigos and annunaki and leviathins would create a united humanity. The Leviathins would had taken over the planet. We are the ones who have the codes that can open and close the star gates on the planet. There were the Lyrian and Sirian and Gaian Oraphim human races that created the Turanisian 2 Races. The Oraphim were created after the Azurites fell Once that occured in response tothe Oraphim being created the Jehovian Annunaki created the Annunaki. Eight pointed star is the sign of Nibiru and the phase locked merkaba Marduk Luciferain Annunaki Draconian group Jehovian Annunaki Race to destroy Oraphim Race.

Nordic look was stolen from the Prosiacs Nibiru Annunaki took Rome from Draconians. They came from the neandrathal pattern. In order to preserve the human race line before they became extinct. zobacz created the Annunaki. The Annunaki races came out of the Jehovian Annunaki. The cetacean races came to counteract the Jehovian Bipedal Dolphinoids. The Cetaceans were one of the three founding races. Marduk Satin family races. They combine with one of the more hybrid retillian Take a Zephelim and combine with Marduk Draconian and Satin family and you get a Luciferian. The Luciferian was an upgrade of the Nibiruan Anu Pledian. 10,500 B.C. we had the Luciferian conquest when more dark forces came in to make worm holes in Earth. That began in 25,500 b.c. The Annunaki weren’t too thrilled that we would know the truth about them. This would allow us to slowly bring back the truth.